About Us

Rubi CRM Provider

Experienced UK Based CRM Provider

We are CMIS-UK, an experienced UK based CRM provider and the creators of the outstanding Rubi CRM system. Since 2010, we have been working in partnership with businesses across the UK and globally to improve data management processes through high quality CRM Products, Services and Support.

Unique Approach

Unlike other CRM companies, we firmly believe in establishing great working relationships with our clients and genuinely and taking the time to really get to know each of their unique businesses. In other words, we recognise that having a true understanding of how our clients operate puts us in the best position to provide a tailored service that works for them from CRM implementation through to ongoing support.

Highly Rated Support

We also believe that our customers should consistently receive the highest standard of customer support and support for customers should be free . All of our customers enjoy our highly rated phone and e-mail support at no additional. In a recent survey, 100% of existing CMIS-UK customers rated the ongoing support they receive as ‘Excellent’.

Customer Engagement

In addition to our gold standard support services, we also include our customers in the development stages of future data management products through consultations and surveys. As a result of engaging with our customers in this way, we are able to offer outstanding data solutions that are continuously improved via the feedback we regularly receive. We believe that no other UK based CRM provider provides the same level of customer focussed service and support.

We currently offer the following data management products and services:

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