Rubi Data Protection Portal (RDPP)

Introducing: The Rubi Data Protection Portal

Rubi is the only CRM with data protection funtionality available that helps to keep your company on the right side of GDPR.

The RDPP is a portal that can be easily added to your website, email signatures, e-marketing campaigns and other locations. The portal can then be accessed by any contact that exists within your Rubi system with an email address. Once accessed, contacts will have the ability to exerfcise their rights under GDPR and provide your organisation consent to hold their data, access stored personal information, update incorrect information, amend communication/marketing preferences and submit requests for “Right to Erasure”.

All changes and requests through the portal are tracked in real time within your Rubi system, making it easier for you to keep an accurate record. The portal can also be customised with your company logo and information.

Once accessed, your contacts will have the ability to: